Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your NYC Home

Nasty Bed BugIf you live in New York City and you are tired of the bed bugs on your bedroom, it is time to look for ways you can eliminate them for good. One idea is to hire a bed bug exterminator NY to come in your home to complete this task. You want to hire an exterminator who is licensed and has at least ten years of experience in this business because he will have acquired the expertise needed to get rid of the bed bugs and advise you on avoiding bed bug infestations in the future. A good bed bug exterminator NY will not charge you for the consultation and he will conduct a thorough inspection before explaining the situation. Here are other ways to get rid of bed bugs in your home.


Get Rid of Old Mattresses and Vacuum Areas Near Bed

If you discover that your mattress has bed bug infestation, it is wise to get rid of this mattress and buy a new one before it spreads out to other areas of the bedroom. It is also important that you vacuum your new mattress every few weeks because when you do this you reduce the dirt and other bacteria that attract bed bugs. Change your bedsheets, pillowcases and comforters periodically since clean bedding deters bed bugs.

Natural Methods of Eliminating Bed Bugs

If you are into green living and do not want to hire a bed bug exterminator NY, there are natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. Besides vacuuming and cleaning the bedding periodically, you should also steam clean the mattress every few months because it eliminates the dirt and bacteria that attract bed bugs. Ask your spouse or a relative to seal all the cracks in the holes of your walls and window panes since this is a good way to keep bed bugs out the home.


Bed bugs don’t have to take over your home because with the above mentioned steps and help from a professional, it is possible to be free from these pests. It is important that you maintain a clean and clutter-free bedroom because this is the best deterrent of bed bugs. You also should not eat or drink in the bed regularly because the tiny particles in your bed serve as food for the bed bugs that are in the home. When you get rid of bed bugs you also reduce health risks associated with them.

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