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Professional Earwig Pest Control New York City NY

New York City is home to approximately 8.4 million people and thousands of unique insect species. One such insect is the earwig of the Dermaptera order. Dermaptera insect species are described as having hairless, long, slender bodies, with abdominal “cerci”. The cerci play a significant role in the life of a Dermaptera insect, including the earwig. Cerci function by opening and closing like surgical forceps or culinary tongs. The cerci help earwigs feed, copulate, infiltrate homes, and prepare for overwintering. Without the cerci, the earwig would be defenseless against predatory insects.

As a semi-social insect, the earwig spends part of its time alone and the other half socializing. Social and semi-social insect species are highly known for infesting human habitats. However, it is not unusual to detect a single earwig living in damp, dark, cool, and discrete environments.

The earwig is not a frequent flier, even with two sets of wings. The earwig’s rear wings are unique, replicating that of a fan. The thin layer of translucent leather-like material is referred to as “skin wing.”

The long, slender body ranges between dark brown and reddish/brown coloration. The two antennas are segmented. The cerci are at the rear, while the antennas are at the front.

Why Is My Basement Infested With Earwigs?

The earwig “pincer bug” infiltrates the human habitat via tiny exterior-to-interior openings. Since the insect rarely flies, the entry points must be low to the ground. Gaps between the floor and entrance door threshold, partially sealed crawlspace or basement vents, damaged air conditioning flex duct connections, and weal garage door seals are just a few examples.

Following home infiltration, the earwig initiates a search for a suitable hiding place. A suitable hiding place would be one that is damp, dark, and moderately cool.

Earwigs fall within two insect classifications – overwintering pest and occasional invader. The insect does not generally set out to infiltrate the human habitat. Meaning, it did not wake up one morning and decide to infiltrate your basement. Your basement just happened to be in the vicinity, where the earwig was staying. The overwintering earwig infiltrates the home in the late fall or early winter. Preferably the former to avoid getting caught out in the winter elements.

Do Earwigs Pose A Danger To Humans And Animals?

Earwigs have not been scientifically connected to human or animal disease. The insect does not cause structural damage, due to the limitations of the cerci. While the cerci can easily fight off predatory insects, they are not strong enough to gnaw through wood, mortar, drywall, or other building materials.

The cerci do pose a danger to your houseplants, which is the insect’s more preferred meal.

Is A Full Eradication Of Earwigs Possible?

New York City consumers have two earwig extermination options – professional and do-it-yourself. Professional earwig management utilizes a highly potent pesticide, while do-it-yourself utilize over-the-counter pesticides. A comparison of industrial-strength and standard-grade pesticides is really no comparison at all. Standard-grade pest control products are minimal potency required by law. Standard-grade pesticides are the maximum potency required by law for licensed exterminators.

It only makes sense, industrial-strength pesticides are going to offer more coverage and effectiveness than the base formulas. Over-the-counter pest control is the base formulas, making them potentially ineffective for earwig infestation.

Entomologists recommend transitioning from bright white outdoor lighting to yellow sodium vapor lighting. This will help make your home less attractive to the earwig and other insect species.

When Is The Best Time To Request An Earwig Inspection?

Our customer support is available Monday through Friday and some weekends. Our policy is to provide speedy responses to all pest control service requests. We will gladly answer your earwig questions, schedule your home for an earwig inspection, and explain our pricing.

If you are interested in a professional earwig inspection, we highly suggest submitting your request as soon as possible. We need at least 24 hours to process all professional pest control service requests.

Does Industrial-Strength Earwig Insecticide Contain Harmful Chemicals?

It depends on the formula. Our pest control product line includes natural, organic, and chemical pesticides. We believe in the client making the selection, with the help of our pest control experts. You can decide which pesticide formula will best suit your earwig infestation needs. We highly recommend our industrial-strength natural or organic pesticide to consumers with environmental concerns. These formulas utilize organic and natural pesticides, not azadirachtin, carbamate, and pyrethroid insecticides.

To minimize the environmental risks associated with chemical pesticides, we utilize state-of-the-art handgun sprayers. This sprayer design utilizes hydraulics and a wand and nozzle to ensure better control and direct contact.

Our pest control product line consists of brands approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How Can Average People Protect Their Properties From Secondary Earwig Infiltration?

Every commercial and residential establishment in New York City is under an earwig threat. These nocturnal insects hide during the daylight hours and come out at night to forage for food. The overwintering earwig, on the other hand, enters and remains in hiding throughout the winter season. In the overwintering state, earwigs do not ingest food or reproduce. But, instead, remains nearly immobile until mid-spring.

The key to preventing an earwig infestation is preventing infiltration. To accomplish this goal, you must seal all exterior-to-interior access points. Utilizing a waterproof sealant to fill these openings will prevent future infiltration of earwigs.

We also recommend moving your houseplants to a safe location, out of reach to earwigs.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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