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Professional Box Elder Bug “Boxelder Bug” Pest Control New York City NY

The box elder bug, also written “boxelder bug”, is an unforgettable insect species. Its distinguishable physical characteristics – black, red-outlined wings, and bulging red eyes – are difficult to forget. Once you are able to identify the box elder bug, it will come easy hereinafter.

The adult grows up to ½” long, while the larvae are only a few millimeters long, with a solid red body, legs, and antennas. The female does not build nests for her young. But, instead, drops them on the leaves of the box elder tree.

The diet consists of sap derived from seeds and cones of various tree species – maple, cherry, box elder, and ash.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs Clustering In My Cherry Tree?

Boxelder bugs are classified as “overwintering pests.” Overwintering pest is a classified utilized in reference to hibernating insect species. Overwintering is utilized in place of hibernating for insects. The process begins in the late fall, which is when the insect’s activity level is at its highest.

An overwintering box elder bug exposed to months of single-digit temperatures, icy rains, strong cold winds, and snow will leave a devastating impact. The pest does not forage for food or move from its refuge once it enters the overwintering state. Overwintering in the outdoors can lead to hypothermia and death in many cases, which is why box elder bugs are drawn to the human habitat.

The insect infiltrates commercial and residential facilities through small openings around windows, doors, air conditioning units, and other exterior-to-interior cracks.

Are Box Elder Bugs Diseased?

No, according to the available scientific evidence. Boxelder bugs are not known to bite or sting. The insect’s mouthparts are utilized to draw sap from maple and box elder seeds. The same trees are also utilized by overwintering box elder bugs. The female drops her eggs on the box elder leaves, where they will have quick and easy access to food.

Boxelder bugs prefer the indoors to overwinter than the outdoors. For this reason, the insects will attempt home infiltration beginning in the late fall.

What Is Professional Box Elder Bug Control?

Professional pest control combines state-of-the-art equipment, inspection, industrial-strength pesticide, and traps. Whereas, do-it-yourself pest control consists of over-the-counter pesticides and sometimes, adhesive traps. Over-the-counter pesticides are low potency formulas, compared to high potency industrial-strength pesticides.

Our professional box elder bug is much more than an industrial-strength pesticide treatment. Instead, it is a custom treatment based on evidence collected through the inspection. We believe custom pest control treatments are more effective than standard or basic treatment.

Do New York City Exterminators Recommend DIY Pesticides To Eradicate Box Elder Bugs?

It really depends on the severity of the infiltration or infestation. Minor box elder bug problems may be successfully treated with over-the-counter insecticides. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about box elder bug infestation, which requires a much more aggressive approach.

Our exterminators do not often recommend do-it-yourself pest control for any insect species. We can help you decide which pest control strategy will work best for your case. All of our treatments begin with a visual inspection of the impacted property.

How Long Does It Take To Schedule A Box Elder Bug Inspection?

Our New York City customer support will gladly help you schedule an appointment for a box elder bug inspection. However, we highly suggest initiating the process with a one-on-one consultation with one of our pest control experts. During the consultation, you will be given the opportunity to learn more about our box elder bug treatments, inspections, and follow-ups.

The exterminator will meticulously inspect your property in New York City. Duassess the home to determine how many box elder bugs are present. While it is impossible to get an accurate number, our exterminators are knowledgeable, allowing them to make an educated guess.

The higher number of box elder bugs detected during the inspection, the more severe the problem. There is no set number to help our exterminators make this decision. Once the decision is made, the exterminator will then begin to prepare a custom strategy that is guaranteed to offer full eradication.

Should The Property Owner Be Concerned About Chemical Exposure?

This is a normal concern since pesticides are involved in the treatment process. Consumers with chemical environmental concerns should opt for our organic or natural pesticide treatment. Both of these eco-friendly treatments utilize a naturally occurring pesticide, not a chemical pesticide.

To minimize the pesticide exposure risk even further, our exterminators will not initiate treatment until the impacted property is vacated. We utilize cutting-edge sprayers to administer our industrial-strength pesticide. The wand has a 90-degree nozzle guaranteed to deliver more accuracy when treating box elder bugs.

Since box elder bugs do not build nests, reproduce, or feed after home infiltration, detection is extremely difficult. With decades of combined experience in the New York pest control industry, we can pinpoint the insect’s hiding places in basements, crawlspaces, and garages.

Why Hire Us!

  • We are a licensed and bonded New York City pest control company
  • Our pest control service includes same-day, appointment only, and emergency
  • We offer free consultations, inspections, and written quotes
  • Our pest control product line is approved by the EPA
  • Our pricing is fair and competitive with New York’s top pest control companies
  • We offer eco-friendly, organic, natural, and chemical pesticides

Our New York City pest control experts can successfully treat mild, moderate, and severe box elder bug infestations.

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