Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Ask any pest control expert what is the bed bug’s favorite hiding place. The answer will be the same across the board. Bed bugs feel the need to be in close proximity to their host. To achieve this, the insect takes refuge in the host’s mattress. Think about it, the mattress is also the host’s refuge, as it is the most commonly utilized sleeping platform. Just imagine, you are unknowingly sharing your mattress with parasites – bed bugs. Would you find this unnerving?

What Is A Mattress Cover Or Mattress Protector?

The mattress cover is exactly what its name entails. It covers the mattress, partially or fully. Mattress covers come in two primary designs, including the topper and encasement. The topper is designed to protect the top of the mattress, while the encasement offers full protection against bed bugs. Bed bugs are problematic in hotels, bed & breakfasts, country inns, college dorms, and residential establishments. The mattress cover is more important in these settings than others. A mattress protector is a great investment. It will extend the life of your mattress by preventing contaminant, element, and bed bug exposure. Buying a mattress cover will cost much less than replacing your mattress. So, you decide which option will work best for your budget.

Picking A Mattress Cover

Make sure you get the best mattress cover for bedbugs. Use the tips below to guarantee that you’re going to be spending your money wisely and getting satisfactory results.


You need a full bedbug mattress cover. It needs to cover the whole mattress and not just a portion of it. A partial cover won’t help so be sure to buy a full encasement.

Properly Sealed

The mattress cover cannot have any gaps or tears. It needs a good zipper and reinforced seams. As long as these things are present, you can guarantee that the encasement will work exceptionally well. Furthermore, you have to make sure that it is installed correctly.


Your mattress cover needs to be tested extensively. Make sure that it was tested and approved by a high-quality professional. If it has been approved, you can guarantee that it is going to work well for you.

No Toxins

Make sure that you’re using a mattress cover that is free of toxins. Otherwise, you’re going to expose yourself to health hazards.

Effectiveness Of Bedbug Mattress Encasements

Using bedbug mattress encasements can be very effective. These products can help, but they’re not always effective. To guarantee satisfactory results, you have to pick a high-quality mattress cover. Plus, it has to be installed correctly. As long as everything is perfect, the mattress protector will trap the bedbugs and eliminate them within a few days. Just remember that you’ll also need to work with a professional to get rid of the remaining bedbugs.

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