Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

With the recent resurgence of bed bugs, more and more information is coming to light regarding these pests. This is great because the information will help with elimination. The more you know about these pests, the better you will be able to eradicate them. There is no denying, they are cryptic pests, with the ability to hide among household belongings to avoid detection. In addition to this, most of these pests do not grow to be larger than an apple seed. You combine this with the fact that they can squeeze into tiny slits and cracks, and it just makes the situation all that more troubling. If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you almost have to know exactly where to look to find these bugs. Where does one look for bed bugs?

Common Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

Mattresses And Box Springs

With the name bed bugs, it probably does not surprise anyone to learn that these pests choose the mattresses and box springs above all hiding spots. That being said, not everyone understands why these creatures choose to hide here, and this is what you need to know to attack the infestation with the utmost efficiency. These bugs choose to hide in the mattress mainly because it provides them quick easy access to their food source. In addition to this, they are attracted to the expelled body heat, CO2, and kairomones. For anyone not familiar with the term, kairomones are chemical substances that you emit when you sleep. Similar to that of CO2. Bed bugs like to hide deep in the corners of mattresses and box springs. They’ll get into the stitching, under the tags, but if you’re lucky they make just lay right on top, making them much easier to spot.

Cracks And Crevices

No material is perfect, especially not wood. However, this is one of the things that make it unique and why people tend to construct furniture out of it. The natural bending, warping and cracking provide a kind of beauty and uniqueness, you simply won’t get from other materials. Unfortunately, these cracks and crevices will also provide the perfect hiding spots for bed bugs. These creatures can shove their bodies deep down into some of the tiniest slits and openings.

Rugs, Mats, And Carpets

Rugs and carpets might not seem like a good hiding spot for bed bugs, but they provide just enough cover for the creature to feel like they are safe. In addition to this, rugs and carpets are commonly installed in sleeping areas. With this in mind, these bugs usually only hang out in these areas for a short amount of time. It’s usually just after they unlatch from your shoes or suitcases that they hang out here before moving on. Some will stay permanently though.

Couches, Sofa, And Upholstered Furniture

How many nightmarish stories have you heard about someone buying used furniture that was eaten up with bed bugs? Probably more times than you’d like to admit, and that’s because these items provide all the perfect environmental conditions for these creatures. Just think of all the potential hiding spots within a piece of furniture or chair. There are the cushions, under the armrests, behind the legs, and tons of others.

Surprising Places Bed Bugs Will Take Up Residence

You’ve likely heard of bed bugs taking up residence in some of the above-mentioned places. However, these are not the only spots these bugs will hide. There are tons of other spots these bugs will call home, and these spots will not be as commonly known. It will be knowing these spots that make the biggest difference between successful elimination and a lingering infestation.


Like a couch or chair, a piece of luggage provides several hiding areas within one. There are tons of tiny little pockets, nooks, and crannies that these critters can delve deep into. This is probably why more and more infestations these days are starting with travel. No one wants to arrive home after a long trip only to discover they’ve brought an unwanted friend back with them. This is something you can prevent if you learn to apply and live by the SLEEP theory.

Wall Decorations

That beautiful family portrait hanging above the bed ties the room together perfectly. Maybe it reminds you one a special moment. Whatever the situation, it could be providing the perfect environmental living for the bed bug. Bed bugs like dark, damp, and dank areas. Be extremely careful when buying used picture frames and decorations. These creatures can also get behind wallpaper and similar decorations.

Books And Magazines

The same goes for buying used books. If you are going to buy used hardback books, you’ll want to check the spines and front covers to make sure there are no lingering bed bugs. These types of infestations are extremely common when books are stored near infested furniture where you spend a lot of time.

Nightstands And Bedside Tables

Nightstands are dark, dank, damp, and they are usually two or three of them in any given bedroom. What makes them even more of a hassle is, they also provide hundreds of hiding spots within one. Just think of all the areas bed bugs can hide within the nightstand. Make sure you scour every inch of these items when checking for infestations.


People are extremely beholden to their electronics these days. Whether it be iPhones, iPads, or iPods, these items are essential for some people. It makes the situation even worse when you learn that bed bugs will choose these items as a place of residence. They’ll usually try to get inside them, near the circuit boards. This probably has something to do with the emitted heat, but either way, it’s not something you want because it just takes touching the wrong connection and the bug will short circuit the item.

Photo And Art Frames

Bed bugs also hide inside both photo and art frames. Hanging and desktop frames are refuges for bed bugs when there is no longer space on the host’s mattress.

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