How You Can Kick the Bed Bugs Out Your Home

One good way to kick the bed bugs out your home is to hire a licensed and trained bed bug exterminators NYC because he has the expertise and necessary tools to tell the bed bugs to get lost for good. If you prefer a non-toxic way of getting rid of the bed bugs, you want to look for a bed bug exterminators NYC who specializes in eco-friendly methods of exterminating bed bugs. You want consider your budget and compare different professionals and their services so that you can choose the right service for your needs and budget.

Give The Bedroom a Thorough Cleaning

Sometimes you do not need to hire a bed bug exterminators NYC because the problem can be solved by thoroughly cleaning the bedroom. Take the bedsheets, comforter, dust ruffle and pillowcases off your bed and wash them in the machine. Add a few drops of lemon juice for a nice smell to the clothing. Also get rid of the clutter in your home and vacuum the mattress as well as the bedroom floor and areas behind the bed since dust and small debris pieces appear in this section often. If you need to dispose of old bedding items, place them in a garbage bag before throwing them in the trash.

Steam Clean Your Mattresses

This is an important step in getting rid of bed bugs since many of them are hidden on the mattress. Purchase a steam cleaner and put it on the highest setting, then proceed to steam cleaning the mattress. This keeps the bed bugs’ eggs from developing on the mattress, reducing the ability to reproduce themselves.

Buy Mattress Covers

When you purchase a mattress cover, you are able to prevent bed bugs from invading your mattress and getting on your body, which could lead to health problems. You can buy affordable covers from home improvement stores, discount retailers, online retailers and through mail order catalogs.


Here are some reasons why bed bugs invade your home. If you are someone who travels a lot, there is a chance that the unseen bed bugs that are on hotel room beds can be transferred to your body when you leave the hotel and into your home when you lie down on your own bed. This also happens with those who go on cruises a lot. Bed bugs also have a flat body shape and this allows for them to invade without you knowing it happened.

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