Why A Visit To The Big Apple Is A Must

Did you know that New York City was given the nickname the big apple to attract tourists? How and why would a name like this attract people? The term big apple has come down to mean the best and the biggest, and no one can dispute that New York has just that to offer. It has more! The nickname originated in the 1920s as a reference to prizes of big apples that were rewarded at many of the race tracks around the area. It wasn’t until 1971 that the city officially adopted the nickname, but it has easily come to represent the biggest and best. It’s more than obvious that New York has this to offer.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Want to say that you’ve traveled across the longest suspension bridge in the world? Pay a visit to Brooklyn Bridge, cross it, and then you will have the right to say just that. It was constructed in 1883, extending nearly 2,000 feet across the East River, to connect lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights. It has more than served that purpose. Since its inception, it has become a historic staple of the city’s skyline, transporting commuter car traffic underneath and touristic foot traffic above. That’s right, while you walk across the top, you’ll have cars driving below under you. Pretty unique and unlike anything you will experience in a bridge elsewhere.

Coney Island

Many referred to Coney Island as a circus-worthy tourist trap, and that probably describes it perfectly, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t worth a visit. That being said, you’d be surprised just how big of an old-timey feel the park gives off. Most are impressed with the selection of food and drinks. Some of the better knowns are Totonno’s Pizza, Gargiulo’s, and the famous Coney Island Brewery. Tourists and locals from all over the world will flock here to take advantage of what the beach has to offer, ride the famed Cyclone roller coaster, and indulge in delicious ice cream cones. The beach and boardwalk are open all year long, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling your trip around this attraction. The amusement park portion of the attraction is, unfortunately, only seasonal.

Visit The High Line

If you are looking for an attraction that unequivocally represents New York City and what it does best, look no further than the High Line. This is a 1.45 mile-long abandoned freight rail on Manhattan’s West End that has been transformed. While the area boasts several attractions, it’s more well-known for its public park. It boasts a beautiful landscape architecture that melds walkways, benches, and chaise lounges with grass, perennials, trees, and bushes. It’s the perfect escape for a little harmony after a long day in the bustling Manhattan business district, but it can provide the same kind of respite for outsiders.

Central Park

Almost as iconic as the Empire State Building, Central Park is a step off the busy sidewalks and a venture into 693 acres of man-made gardens, meadows, forests, and rolling hillsides. If you traveled every one of the pathways, you could walk for 58 miles. This is not to mention all the fountains, monuments, sculptures, bridges, arches, and playgrounds you’ll pass along the way. There is also an ice-skating rink and zoo. What more could you want from a park?