Upper East Side

The Upper East Side, sometimes abbreviated UES, is a neighborhood within the Borough of Manhattan in New York City, bounded by 96th Street to the north, the East River to the east, 59th Street to the south, and Central Park/Fifth Avenue towards the West. The neighborhood comprises several smaller communities, such as Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville. Formerly called The Silk Stocking District, it was the most wealthy community within New York City for a long time. Upper East Side Upper East Side is part of Manhattan Community District 8, and its principal zip codes are 10021, 10028, 10065, 10075, 10128, and 10065. It is governed by the 19th Precinct of the New York City Police Department.

The neighborhood boundaries of neighborhoods in New York City are not yet officially established. According to the Encyclopedia of New York City, the Upper East Side is bounded by 59th Street in the south, 96th Street in the north, Fifth Avenue to the west, and The East River to the east. The AIA Guide to New York City extends the northern border to 106th Street near Fifth Avenue. The north-south avenues in the region include Fifth, Madison, Park, Lexington, Third, Second, First, York East End, and Fifth Avenues. The latter is only accessible between East 79th Street to East 90th Street. The major east-west avenues are 72nd Street, 59th, and 79th Street. 86th Street and 96th Street.

Historic Districts

The Upper East Side Historic District was declared a city district in 1981 10 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. The city district extends from 59th to Streets down Fifth Avenue and Third Avenue at some point 3. It comprises housing structures constructed after the American Civil War, mansions and townhouses built in the early 20th century, and apartments built later. Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

In the 19th century, the farmland and market garden area of what would become called the Upper East Side was still accessible via the Boston Post Road and, beginning in 1837, by it was connected to the New York and Harlem Railroad that bringing in a tense commercial development to its single station within the area, located at 86th Street. This became the center of German Yorkville. The region is defined by the awe-inspiring views of the bluff that overlooked the East River, which ran in unison through James William Beekman’s “Mount Pleasant,” north of the marshy squalors Turtle Bay, to Gracie Mansion. North of it, the land sloped steeply towards the wetlands, which separated the zone from the village of suburbanization of Harlem.

Restaurants Nearby

  • HUSO can be found at 1067 Madison Ave, New York, NY
  • Luke’s Bar & Grill is located at 1394 3rd Ave, New York, NY
  • Boqueria is situated at 1460 2nd Ave, New York, NY

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